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Female Fantasies
(Petra Joy - Strawberry Seductress)

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Female Fantasies
Article number: FR17691
Category(ies): Bisexual, Dessous, straight
Specials: Chapter-selection, DVD-Rom Compatible, Making of, Moving Menues, Photobooks
Language: English
Origin : UKRun time: 50 min.Scenes: 10
Image format: 4:3 (PAL)Region encoding: Code FreeAge classification: no informations
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Original Title: Female Fantasies
Petra Joy's second erotic film is a visual feast celebrating sensual pleasure and the art of seduction. "Female Fantasies" is based on erotic fantasies that were sent to Petra by her female photography clients and friends. True to her motto "Feelingit, not faking it", these fantasies were captured on film with perfomers who are also real life lovers, rather than professional porn stars. The fantasies, featured in the film vary greatly and go far beyound the cliché of "romance and roses". From secretly watching a man playing with himself to being totally pampered by five skilled lovers at once - all erotic scenarios in "Female Fantasies" focus on femal epleasure rather than male satisfaction. "Female Fantasies" aims to inspire and excite. May you enjoy these wild erotic dreams and make your own come true...


Female erotic fantasies are still rarely expressed in visual erotic art. Petra Joy, the award-winning erotic photographer and filmmaker has made it her mission to make some of the most exciting erotic female fantasies come true. Her new movie, “Female Fantasies” is based on erotic fantasies that were sent to Petra by her female photography clients and friends. The fantasies were captured on film with performers who are also real life lovers, rather than professional porn stars. True to her motto “Feeling it, not faking it”, her second erotic film is a visual feast of sensual pleasures.

Petra Joy says:

“Mainstream hard-core porn is done by men for men and therefore usually fails to turn women on. Where many men want graphic images in hard-core porn and do not care if the porn stars are repeating the same poses and are faking their orgasms, most women like to see more subtle images that leave something to the imagination. Women appreciate a genuine chemistry and intimacy between the performers and creativity in the sex play. As the average porn costumer is still male, no commercial porn producers have yet ventured into erotic films that express women’s fantasies, desires and dreams. What reaches the market is made with profit in mind, rather than promoting a variety of erotica, catering for women as much as men”

The fantasies featured in the film vary greatly and go far beyond the cliché of “romance and roses”. From being totally pampered by two men at once or a whole group of people to having sex with a stranger in a public place or tasting a woman for the first time - all of the inspirational scenarios in “Female Fantasies” focus on female pleasure rather than male satisfaction. Rather than repeating graphic shots of penetration and male ejaculation all over again, “Female Fantasies” celebrates seduction and sensuality. The film also touches on some of the great porn taboos such as male bisexuality and women using a strap-on dildo on men. “Female Fantasies” aims to sexually inspire, excite and liberate women.

With her first film “Sexual Sushi” (www.sexualsushi.com) Petra Joy proved that there is a market for artistic porn that appeals to women, couples and any erotic connoisseur that appreciates quality over quantity. “Sexual Sushi” and “Female Fantasies” are “art-core” porn films, a genre that Petra created herself: Beautifully shot erotic images that are skilfully edited to a sensual soundtrack rather than featuring a tacky dialogue.

In contrast to other female porn producers Petra does not compromise the content of her erotic films to fit into the hard-core mainstream market but continues with her unique style to create truly innovative porn. Petra believes in her creative concept of “porn for women” so much that she decided against the sponsorship of a big European porn producer, so that she was able to stay true to her artistic vision. Petra produced, directed and shot “Female Fantasies” independently. She took out a loan to finance the upmarket production herself under her independent label “Strawberry Seductress”.

“Female Fantasies” will be out in selected licensed sex shops in December 2006.
The focus of my erotic films is female pleasure. I would like to empower the women who appear and who view my films to experience their own personal pleasures away from the stereotypes of female sexuality in mainstream porn. Most porn is done by men for men, expressing male desires. No wonder these films do not turn women on. I feel the need to create an alternative to the flood of images that reduce women to their genitals.

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